Friday, December 4, 2009

Postsecret Storm Warning

Rain. It happens. Even, occasionally, in Arizona. As luck would have it, it may happen on Monday night, during our first-ever outdoor event: a talk and booksigning with Postsecret's Frank Warren.

If the weather proves particularly foul, we may be forced to move the whole shebang back to the bookstore. We'll know for sure Monday morning, so please spread the word and stay tuned to our Twitter feed or Facebook page for real-time updates. You can also call us at 480-730-0205.

For now, though, it's still a go for Tempe's Kiwanis Park, just a mile and a half away from the bookstore. Enter the park at Guadalupe and All-America Way (a provocatively-juxtaposed intersection that would likely make Lou Dobbs' head explode) and follow the signs to the covered Fiesta Ramadas amphitheater.

So haul out the winter wear, desert-dwellers! It may be chilly, but the company will be great, Frank will be his usual charming self, and the Wildflower Bread Company will be serving some of the best hot chocolate in the American southwest.

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